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Occupational Therapy

join our team 

Our welcoming & enthusiastic team culture allows you to unleash your full potential both on a professional and personal level. Our focus on complex care means your day will never look the same. 


Your job at Intuitive will challenge you and encourage you to bring out your best self.


We offer the highest amount of paid continuing education - because when you are the best therapist you can be, our clients get better outcomes. 


We also offer full health benefits, paid vacation time, full ongoing mentorship,
team collaboration and support, team building activities, full administrative support, cutting edge technological tools and a team commitment to social responsibility. 

Occupational Therapy


We are very proud of our team and the benefits we have in place. It is very important for us to ensure our employees feel taken care of while working here.

We offer a comprehensive extended health and dental benefits package and life insurance coverage. We also believe in paid vacation time to allow our team members to be re-charged and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. This is also why we love being able to provide company paid sick days and lunch breaks.


All our employee's are given uniforms, business cards and MacBooks for their use while employed with us.

Occupational Therapy

We are dedicated to supporting each of our employees in continuing their education. Many of our employees have greatly furthered their careers while being employed at Intuitive.

Not only do we fully pay for the continuing education,
you are also paid for your time during the course.

And because we are a collaborative team,
we always schedule an inservice when someone
has taken a course to ensure that the entire division gets access to the information.

continuing education

Occupational Therapy


At Intuitive our main goal is to have happy employees and we know that making a healthy living is part of that equation.

We offer competitive compensation packages (salary, fee for service or contractor packages) and are committed to reviewing them annually. We also offer generous signing bonuses !

Intuitive has always been a performance based company which allows us the flexibility to increase
your compensation based on your performance
and since we are locally owned, we are always available
to discuss your needs.

Occupational Therapy


Our standards are high at Intuitive, which means we require all employees to have all necessary credentials for your designation or area of specialty along with exceptional dedication to client care, professionalism and trust. 

Our integrated team values respect of each discipline and allows space for every team member to bring their knowledge and expertise to the table.  

current opportunities

We are currently looking for a dynamic Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Physiotherapists. Full-time or part-time hours available.



We are also always looking for passionate, knowledgeable therapists
who are ready to join our constantly growing team. 

If you feel like Intuitive would be a great fit for you,
please email us your cover letter and resume. 

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