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Pediatric Occupational Therapy is all about helping children and youth improve in all areas of life.

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Gross Motor Skills

Motor Coordination, Strength, Balance, Mobility

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Self-Care Skills

Dressing, Feeding, Toileting, Hygiene

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School & Play

Attention and Arousal Level, Social Interaction

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Fine Motor Skills

Hand Dominance, Grip Strength, Dexterity, Bilateral Coordination, Printing

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Self Regulation

Sensory Processing and Emotional Regulation

Dietician Services

Our Services

We offer pediatric occupational therapy for children from birth to age 18.


Our pediatric occupational therapist is a registered provider through COTBC, CAOT and Registered Autism Service providers (RASP).

We provide therapy for all kids, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Global Developmental Delay. We assess each child’s function ability, regardless of diagnosis.

We provide a framework for you and your child to develop foundational skills for success in daily activities, including caregiver education to ensure your child’s needs will be met long after you have moved on from our services

Our Services
Dietician Services

Treatment Process



The purpose is to collect basic information in order to create a client profile including contact information, birthdate, address, requested therapy services and available funding.

* One time consultation fee.



An effective therapy treatment plans starts with an assessment. This allows us to understand family goals and the child’s current functional status (including strengths and challenges) within a developmental framework to determine the appropriate treatment approach.

Assessment may include standardized assessments, functional assessments, clinical observation, and caregiver interview. This choice is guided by the child’s clinical presentation

Caregivers are encouraged to bring along previous reports from other health professionals and school



Following the assessment, an intervention plan consisting of findings, recommendations and strategies are provided in the form of conversation with the family or in a written report.



Treatment sessions are focused on developing gaps in skills as well as learning new compensatory strategies to improve function in daily activities.

Treatment sessions will be scheduled based on family goals, needs of the child and funding availability.



We will communicate with school staff, caregivers, etc. as needed to promote success between multiple environments including home, school and the community.

Treatment Process

What does a treatment session look like ?

Treatment sessions are generally conducted 1-on-1 at the clinic, at home or in the community depending on family preference. Caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend and observe/participate in the session so that they are able to transfer learned strategies from the session to other settings such as at home and in the community

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Sessions are booked for 1 hour in total. Each OT session is approximately 45 minutes of direct intervention, with 15 minutes for caregiver education and documentation. The session also includes program planning and set up beforehand as well as after session clean-up.

Treatment sessions can also be offered through Telehealth, which may be helpful during these unprecedented times, particularly for immune-compromised clients

Telehealth and phone meetings can be scheduled for caregivers who are looking for additional resources and home strategies to try with their child in between OT sessions

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Funding Options for OT Services

Private or Extended Benefits

Charity Funding

CKNW and Variety Children's Charity are example of charity funding available.


For families requesting to use charity funding for occupational therapy services, we will provide a letter of support for your charity application following your child's initial assessment.

Autism Funding


For clients using Autism Funding, we will assist you to fill out a Request to Pay (RTP) form which you can then upload through the parent portal.

At Home Program


For Children who are 5 years and older and meet the criteria for AHP funding, we are required to submit a Request for School-Age Extended Therapies form. We can submit this form following your child's initial assessment.

Home School Funding

If your child attend a home school program or distance learning program, please contact your service provider regarding funding for OT services and we can direct bill once the required documentation is received.

Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel

Dietician Services

Rachel holds a Master degree in Occupational Therapy and is a Registered Autism Service Provider (RASP).

Her passion for pediatrics started early with a fieldwork practicum in the school setting, working the summers at the Rehab Centre for Children’s camp programs, then working  full-time as a community OT at the Rehab Centre for Children.  Rachel has experience working with preschoolers, school age children and adolescents in home, school, community-based settings and private practice. She has provided occupational therapy assessments, treatment and consultation to children, parents and school professionals.


She provides treatment sessions to children and adolescents affected by Developmental Delays, Gross and Fine motor delays, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, Dysgraphia, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome, Concussions and more. Rachel is passionate about creating a collaborative working relationship with parents and other professionals to promote the development of skills necessary for success.

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Area of Service

Our Pediatric services are currently offered
from Chilliwack to Surrey and Coquitlam.

Area of Service
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