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Registered Massage Therapy

postpartum services

"In giving birth to our babies, may we also give birth to new possibilities within ourselves" ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

We know just how hard pregnancy and postpartum can be on your body and your emotional health which is why we have dedicated support services directly for mothers. Whether you are a new or seasoned mother, we have services that can assist you in building your confidence and restoring your overall health and wellbeing.

We have individual services for pregnancy and postpartum we well as infant support or we would be happy to build you a customized program for all your needs.

Please call 604.846.1834 for any questions or to book services.

Registered Massage Therapy


With therapists that are specialized in the treatment of pregnancy & postpartum we have tailored the following options: 

Registered Massage Therapy: We offer pregnancy postural pillows to ease the pressure off your back while you enjoy a full body treatment

Physiotherapy: Full Assessment & treatment of postural changes and aches and pains that come with that, that occur during pregnancy as your body is changing to support babies growth 

Dietitian Services: Have you recently been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes? Our Dietitian can assist with developing a meal plan to support you

Did you know that prenatal anxiety or depression is just as prevalent as postpartum anxiety and depression? Our psychologists are here to listen and support you through

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Our Chiropractor can assist with any pains and strains that come with growing a baby. Dr. Brad utilizes muscle techniques as well as adjustment to assist you. 


Our team works together to provide an approach to your care that is fully integrated and supported across the services you are receiving so you can be rest assured that the care you are receiving is
exactly what you need.

To book in an Assessment or Consultation please call 604-846-1834


Our Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist creates full postpartum pelvic floor programs for those suffering from Diastasis Recti, incontinence, prolapse, back pain, or in general having a limited ability to do the things they where able to do before childbirth

Feeling the baby blues? Anxiety is ramping up or you are having feelings of intense emotional swings. Our Psychologist are here to support you through the emotional challenges of becoming a new mother or adding to your family. 

Take a moment to care for yourself with one of our Registered Massage Therapists who offer many relaxation techniques as well as deep tissue and rehabilitation massage for muscle fatigue or postural correction. 

Strains or pains from childbirth? Breastfeeding postural issues? Our physiotherapists are able to support you in treating any muscular condition. 

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